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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Small Skipper

About two weeks ago I briefly spotted a 'Small Skipper' butterfly and unfortunately had forgotten to load the memory card into my camera and was unable to get any pictures. So I have been out almost every day since, looking for it in order to get some shots.

                                                               A Male Small Skipper

The Male has a Black bar on the leading edge of it's wings and the Female doesn't, they are in flight between June and August and overwinter as a caterpillar.

Whilst I was taking the 2 shots above I started getting a stinging sensation up my Right leg, when I looked down I found that my Right foot was on an ant hill and there were ants all over my foot and lower leg. there then followed a demented demonstration of morris dancing as I hopped about shaking my leg and brushing ants off me.

As I moved further down the track I saw this information board...
Yep, thanks for that! 

  My favourite pic of the day (Well, almost, but my favourite is hopefuly going to win me a competition so I won't be posting it here. )
I love the detail in this pic, especially it's probiscus which is amazingly long.
 Well worth the ant bites I think. :D


  1. Really nice Rowland (the butterfly pictures). So sorry the ants attacked you. Nice warning sign, tho. ;) Cathryn

  2. Those are evil looking ants! Thank you for the great pictures.