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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Take a Gander at these...

 Today I thought we could have a look at Geese. There are (as far as I know) 7 types of Geese resident in the UK, The Most common of which are a species that originally was a Migratory Bird but has now become resident (Hmmmm, wonder if immigration know about this! :)  ). I am talking about the CANADA Goose, the reason I have capitalised the name is to emphasise the correct name as it is often mistakenly called a 'Canadian Goose'.

 The Canada Goose has a single brood each year between April and May from a clutch of 5-6 Eggs, they usually hatch between 28-30 days and fledge in 9 weeks.

                                                                  The Canada Goose

                                                             Canada Goose with Goslings

 Another very Common Goose is the Greylag Goose, This Goose usually lays between 4-6 Eggs which hatch and fledge on a similar timescale to the Canada Geese.

                                                                          Greylag Geese

 In addition to the Canada and Greylag Geese we also have the Bean Goose,Pink Footed Goose, White-Fronted Goose, Barnacle Goose and Brent Goose. They all have similar numbers of Eggs and hatching/Fledging times.

 In East Anglia we also are lucky to have the Egyptian Goose, This Goose was originally bought into the country and placed on large ornamental ponds at stately homes and the such like. This Bird is now resident in East Anglia and can be seen in many lakes in the area.

                                                                    The Egyptian Goose


  1. I love these geese I get a lot of them in the river at the front of my house, very territorial though, have been chased a couple of times :)

  2. My most favorite is the Canada Goose. I can't even tell you why, but when I was younger we used to go to a local park and watch them all the time. They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing these pictures and information. :) Cathryn