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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Swanning Around.

Who doesn't love the sight of a Majestic Swan, Just their size alone is impressive and seeing them in flight is amazing. In the UK there is a misconception that ALL Swans belong to the crown, This is not quite correct, under an ancient law dating back to the 15th century all UNMARKED Swans belong to the Crown.

 As far as I am aware there are 3 breeds of Swan in the UK, the most common being the Mute Swan, there are also the Whooper Swan and Bewicks Swan. They all have a brood of between 5 and 8 eggs.

                                                                 Male Mute swan

The way to tell Male and Female Mute swans apart is by the knob on top of the beak, in the Male it is significantly larger.

                                             Male and Female Mute Swans (Male on Right)

                                                  Female Mute swan with young Cygnets


                               I love this picture as it gives an idea of the size of the swans wings.

 People have asked me many times how I get my close ups, so here's a short video which should answer the question...


  1. I love swans. The babies are so cute. The video on how you get your close ups is very interesting. You invest a lot of time and energy geting your photos, don't you. It shows, even if I hadn't seen the video. :) Cathryn